To deal with large and complex genomic, proteomic, and clinomic data in biomedical research, OmicShare enables users to easily store, manage and share any type of instrumental and analytical data files for project management.  It facilitates research collaborations and reduces the risk of data loss.

· Easy-to-Use
OmicShare has a user friendly interface accessed through an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera.  Mutiple data files can be uploaded/downloaded to/from the system by a simple click.  Data files can also be asigned different permissions to mutiple collaborators easily.
· Supporting any type of data
OmicShare allows users to manage any type of omic data files, including instrumental raw data, image data, audio/video data, gene expression data, proteomic data, genotyping data, flow cytometry data, office documents, PDF files, and so on.
· Quick uploading multiple data files
By simple selecting, coping, or drag-and-drop files, large amounts of multiple data files are uploaded to the system underlying a robust database.
· Easy project management
OmicShare allows users to move data folders or files in the system for easily reorganizing project management by data supplier or system administrator.
· Secure collaboration
OmicShare allows users to share files with collaborators quickly, easily, and professionally.  Projects, folders, or files can be granted different permissions to other collaborators by the data suppliers or system administrator.  
· Quick downloading multiple data files
Multiple subfolders and data files in one project or folder can be downloaded by one simple click.  All of the subfolders and data files are saved to the client machine with the project's original organization systematically.
· Supporting multiple databases
All of information in OmicShare is stored in a relational database for easy maintenance.  The database can be any one of the relational databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
· Try it online free
If you are a member of OmicShare, click here to login.  If you are not a member of OmicShare yet and would like to evaluate the OmicShare system, click here to sign up.

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